The American Confederacy – 2084.  Nayla, a top scientist and respected board member of the mighty Carsanto Corporation, becomes the country’s most wanted fugitive when she impulsively steals the company’s only germinator seeds to protect the planet and her daughter’s future. The act endangers Carsanto’s malicious plan to take control of the world through genetically modified terminator seeds. With Carsanto’s ruthless security officer in hot pursuit, Nayla flees to the United Canadian Communities where a solitary mountain trapper guides her on a soul-searching adventure as they strive to bring the seeds to safety.

At first torn between the simple cultures she discovers on the journey and the comforts of the old world she recklessly left behind, Nayla slowly begins to open her heart to the miracles of life. Yet as her old worldview crumbles, it leaves her fragile and confused about who she really is, and uncertain if she has the heart to complete her mission.  Will she be able to recreate herself and escape? Will she be able to save her daughter and allow the seeds of life to germinate on earth?

This thought-provoking novel from Hugo Bonjean, author of the inspiring bestseller In the Eyes of Anahita, brings forth a variety of ideas to design a new sustainable and harmonious society and challenges us to connect our day-to-day actions with the dreams we carry in our souls.

Quotation mark Seeds of Germination…or Termination is a wake up call from the future – to make the choices today that will defend our freedoms tomorrow.

-Dr. Vandana Shiva, physicist, activist and author.
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Quotation mark With an ominous echo of Orwell’s 1984, Hugo Bonjean’s provocative novel exposes the 'terminator' values beneath today's complex global crises, challenging us to live with courage and compassion to create a more just and sustainable world.

-Diane Dreher, professor of English, Santa Clara University and bestselling author of The Tao of Inner Peace.

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Quotation mark … reading it will leave you both shaken and stirred.

-Synchronicity Magazine

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